Thursday, October 29, 2020

Data Archiving, Compliance and

Preservation (DACP™)


The Coffing Corporation's (TCC) Data Archiving, Compliance and Preservation (DACPtm) solution intends to address the need to properly archive system information in compliance with specific laws and mandates with the mission to, "Preserve any kind of electronic record, free it from the format in which it was created, retain it indefinitely, and enable requesters to read it on electronic media in use now and in the future." (National Archives. (2000, December 31). Retrieved from Advisory Committee on the Records of Congress: Third Report.)


Based on the Open Archive Information System (OAIS), an ISO Standard, DACPtm addresses compliance mandates, but also adds value by reducing costs for maintenance, minimizing the data center footprint, and decreasing system support.

Preservation Expertise

Data Preservation

Open Source Software

HIPAA Compliance

SOX Compliance

Fed Title 44 Compliance


DACP™ Solves:
  • Compliance Mandates to preserve data in an accessible format
  • Offload static data to improve performance and save resources
  • Accessibility of legacy system data after decommission


DACP™ Benefits:
  • Eliminates reliance on proprietary software (open source without license fees)
  • Guarantees data preservation in the future, in an understandable format
  • Ensures compliance with federal laws and mandates
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